Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Silent Tear...

With head in hand

She sheds a silent tear

As with deep remorse

She mourns the passing year.

So many wrongs that she

Cannot put right

Torment her through each day

And endless night.

The love she had has gone

No more will he

Embrace her with the warmth

That used to be

Still, memories of their time

Lie bittersweet

Of how they lived

And loved

And laughed

And chanced to meet.

It's through these thoughts

She walks with him again

Their hands entwine

Their hearts beat as the same

Once more she feels

The passion of his kiss

But then is overwhelmed

By all that's missed.

And so she can but hope

That whilst apart

Knowing that another

Holds his heart

Sometimes he will recall

The hours they shared


Upon a time

When he loved her

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. Aww... I was waiting for something unexpectedly icky and morbid in the last line..but there was only a lovely poignancy.

    1. Trust me, I found it extremely difficult not to kill, maim or at least torture someone!...:)

    2. Agree with you Carol - very poignant

  2. This is stronger than bittersweet, and so beautiful.

  3. Like Carol, I was expecting you to get to grim - you didn't, and as it's bed time and I've enough grim in my own head to get me through the night, I'm quite relieved ;o)

    This (I think) is the most beautiful of your poems Lynn *wipes eyes, cuffs nose* - poignant, and cleverly penned (or typed as the case may be) x

  4. Such kind words Kimmie, thank you so much! For some reason I always feel a tad uncomfortable when I write more tender stuff. I think I shirk from exposing my vulnerabilities. Life taught me to be cautious of doing that...but every now and then...the odd flash of a softer side sneaks through......damn! lol

    Thanks again Kimmie...I love reading your comments...and I hope the grim that sits in your head will move on and you are able to relax into peaceful slumbers xxx

  5. You know how to play with words. I have been camping on your blog for the past few hours. A nice piece it is

    1. You are a most welcome to camp here, I won't even charge you lol Thanks again Owen for your kindness. There were a lot more poems on my blog until recently, but I was lucky enough to picked up by a publisher and my first book of 4 will be out at the end of May. I've had quite a mad day today but as soon as I get the chance, I shall camp out on your blog too...I'm really looking forward to reading more of your work...:)

  6. Replies
    1. And what a lovely thing to say! Many thanks Alfred...:)

  7. Very Beautiful :) I could feel it.

    1. Many thanks! You have made my day...:)