Sunday, 23 August 2015

50 Minutes...

50 minutes

To make 'em laugh

Read 'em her poems

Show 'em her craft

50 minutes

To put on a show

Screaming inside,

Can't let them know

50 minutes

To prove to herself

She need not be defined

By her shaky mental health

50 minutes

Pretending she is fine

To canter with the banter

Through a well rehearsed smile

50 minutes

Heart pounding, mouth dry

The Grumblings of a Gargoyle

Quietly wishing she could fly

50 minutes

Then whilst holding back the tears

She smiles and says her 'thank yous'

Before she quickly disappears

Over 50 years

Gradually gathering the dirt

That's settled in her system

Covering tracks of her self worth.

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. Brava, Lynn! I'll bet many of us could identify with this.

    1. Thank you! I felt most uncomfortable sharing this...and that's how I knew I had to x

  2. We gird our loins when facing them down
    Don't let them see and don't show a frown.
    You have done it now pat your own back
    If you weren't no good they'd ave given you the sack. X Ellen Best

  3. 'Emotions
    pen to paper
    finger to key
    poetic offload

    Beautiful share Lynn, brave and beautiful x

    1. I LOVE that verse, Kimmie....and I know you understand. People see what they want to see and many believe what they see, never knowing or understanding what's really going on nor the struggle behind the 'act'. Thanks again for your very apt and thoughtful words ((hugs)) xx

  4. One day I find out how I can reblog Blogger content on a wordpress blog. One day. Until then I'll tweet and 'bow in awe'

  5. The courage, the pride, well done my friend well done.

  6. Oh yes - you nailed it and so beautifully. Turning pain into joy, is that a poet's alchemy?

    1. More the poet's madness ;) Thank you, my lovely