Thursday, 27 August 2015


We are afloat

Upon a sea of your indifference

Our weary heads barely bobbing above the waters.

Soon we shall succumb to the reality of your disinterest

And vanish beneath the waves

Where even there we will be no more invisible to you

Than we are now.

Oh fellow traveller on life's journey

Why do you banish us from your shores?

Why do you fear our tread upon the path we each share?

Ours is not to take your treasures from you

To pillage the bountiful stock of your reserves

Ours is only to harvest the succour and sanctuary of human kind

To watch our children grow without the haunting presence

Of hopelessness in their eyes.

Have you a care?

In this universe, do we not each cling on to the precarious raft of life

With tired fingers?

Were your grip to loosen, would you not seek the refuge of a firmer hand?

I would be that hand for you should you so need it

How sorry the day that sees you raise your own to turn me away.

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. Moving. Love the way you shine a light on how devastating to our humanity is the sublime evil of indifference.

    1. Thank you very much for reading my poem and yes, indifference is a heinous state. To be devoid of any emotion whatsoever is soul crushing...

  2. Brilliant, Grumbles, and so moving. You've hit the nail on the head. Indifference is the word. If these victims had been gunned down in a café in London, the whole country would be weeping for them. What a warped world we live in.

    1. Thanks P....and yes, that's exactly it! You've hit the nail on the head also...and the whole situation not only sickens me but makes me sad to the core xx