Saturday, 6 August 2016

Embracing Demons...

I will not fight

To 'save my soul'

Nor banish the demons

That therein lie


I would provide them succour

And embrace the company

Of those whose darkness

Understands my own

And whose whispered torments

Carry more honesty

And afford more mercy

Than the malignant duplicity

Of the Angels

Poem only  © Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. Would beautiful be acceptable? On a side note, as a "hobby-Buddhist" I learned there is no soul. Makes it a lot easier. No one has to save mine. ;-)

    1. Ohhh Markus I love the idea of a 'hobby-Buddhist''ve just managed to define a thing I've been struggling with for ages given my want to learn more about Buddhism....and especially now you have brought to light the notion of there being no soul..I am intrigued and inspired to learn more and I thank you for this :)

    2. Thanks the 'seriousness' out of it. At least for me. Even though the attractive part (for me) of Buddhism is the fact that it's not about 'believing' it's about experiencing and your own view. As 'hobby-buddhist' I've no problem accepting the bad (wrong or whatever) side

    3. The more you tell me the more the notion of the hobby-Buddhist appeals....

  2. Love this! My favorite line is "And afford more mercy
    Than the malignant duplicity Of the Angels"

    1. Thank you was written from my soul....x

  3. Love this! As we come to embrace those that understand. ❤ xx