Thursday, 23 August 2018

Who Cares For The Carer?...

Who cares for the carer

When they're feeling low

When their energy's zapped

And their flow's on go slow

When smiles hide their tears

And laughter their pain

When they long for the norm

And they're drooping and drained

When they won't show they're weary

And starting to wilt

'Cos the feelings they're feeling

Are each edged with guilt

As they worry their loved one

Might think they're a burden

When the truth is the carer

Is hurt at their hurtin'

And wishes their suffering

Was transferred to them

So their loved one was happy

And healthy again

And despite carers bones

Being aching and strained

They'd do all they're doing

Again and again

For the love of their loved one

Knowing they'd do likewise

THAT'S who cares for the carer

Through their own caring eyes

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. Replies
    1. I'm chuffed that you do, Hap!...Thank you....

  2. Something that is too often missed. The carrer's pain. Nice one 💚

  3. Wonderful, Lynn, and I send big hugs to the carer, as well as the cared. X

    1. ...and big hugs are sent to you too...for caring xx

  4. When the carer decides not to go on doing the caring as those that are cared for soon become untolerable, do not judge the carer until one walks in their shoes. Yes been there.

  5. A labour of love....and just like has its moments of struggle xxx