Saturday, 3 November 2018

By Your Side...

I saw the tiredness

In your eyes

I felt the slowing

Of your step

I heard the crying

Of your heart

As you struggled

To find breath

And yet

Throughout these labours

You always

Cared for me

Your gentle hands

Still tending

Your love

Warm company

And in return

I loved you too

Never wanting

To leave your side

Nor shall I now

As you lie at rest

I will guard you 

'til I too die

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard

(painting: The Old Shepherds Chief Mourner-Edwin Landseer 1837)


  1. Beautiful! But sad and so very true...

  2. Must be a tissue day. This is the second poem to move me this morning!

    1. ...and that's 'cos you have a beautiful soul xx

  3. So heartbreaking, yet warm and loving. I love this, Lynn. :-}