Friday, 25 January 2019

I Know He Loved Me...

I know he loved me

When the years were young

And so was I

I know he loved me

When the world was ours

And every day he'd say

This is our special day

I know he loved me.

So, when did all those feelings

Start to fade?

When did we lose the special in our days

When did I move from sunshine

Into shade

Within his eyes

I know he loved me

When he held me in his arms

And spoke my name

I know he loved me

I was the moth, always attracted

To his flame

I felt so safe

I know he loved me

How could the seasons of his love

So change

That I no longer felt warmed

By his flame

How could the tender textures

Of his kiss be so remiss

To feel my hurting

I know he loved me

When his eyes

Looked into mine

And touched my soul

When each part of us together

Made one whole

The perfect mould

I know he loved me

Looking back

How could I fail to feel

The shift as slowly

He drifted from me

Perhaps I too had drifted

In some way

And had I not

Would he have stayed?

I'll always love him

Even though his love for me

Has long since gone

Even though

The tears I cry I cry alone

I'll always love him.

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. Oh Lynn! What a beautiful, but sad testament to love. I hope this isn't reflective of a current situation!

    1. Oh, Val...thank you so much. It isn't a reflection of my personal situation...but I do tend to pluck feelings, observations from the situations of others...even if the most I have done is noticed a stranger in the's just a vibe I get, sometimes and that's where this poem came from xx