Thursday, 21 February 2019

Future Me...

Future me

Looked at the child

With the crayon

In her hand

Through the shimmering


Window to the past

And watched in

Wistful silence

As the happy scene

Took shape

That summers day

As she sprawled

On the sun-kissed grass

Then future me

Looked to the sky

And the birds

Each bathed in blue

Through the shifting


Window to the past

And sighed with

Plaintive yearning

To taste again

That time

When the vibrancy

Of life

Seemed sure to last

And future me

Tried hard to hear

The giggles

Of the child 

Through the faltering


Window to the past

With a need for


Of hopefulness

Telling all

Was not yet lost

And the promise

Of tomorrow

Still in our grasp

Future me

Wished she could join

The child

In her playful skips

Through the flashing


Window to the past

And dance

Amongst the flowers

As trees flaunted 

Their fruit

When the air was clear

And the planet

Not downcast

And future me

Wanted to stretch

And reach out

To the child

Through the wavering


Window to the past

And warn her

Of the End Of Days

If Mankind did not stop


And abusing

All in its path

But future me

The woman

Saw only

As all once was

Through the blinking


Window to the past

As my dying mind

Held on

To thoughts

Of me the child

Before the world

Went mad and all souls

Gasped their last

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard

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