Friday, 17 May 2019

The Lint Roller...

When we are born

From the moment we're pushed out

Evicted, through grunts an' shouts

It begins

The sticky stuff covering us

Starts attracting life's detritus

And it clings

The midwife may wipe it off

But that does not mean

It's not there

Collecting from life

Every hurt caused by strife

Until we're

Worn down by the weight of it

Self-worth fading bit by bit

Losing hope

Of ever recovering

As problems keep piling in

It's like a coat

Made entirely from misery

And societies warped trickeries

Heavy and coarse

And like lint roller fluff

It builds up and builds up


...let's just PAUSE

As tough as the job may be

There ARE ways we can be free

Over time

By seeing each challenge

As a positive to be managed

And not a bind

And by changing our focus

From the negatives that poke at us

Soon enough

Life's lint roller will clear

We'll face the future without fear

And our fluff will have finally

Fluffed off!

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. Another perfectly poised piece of poetic mastery.

  2. Ellen left the comment by annonymous also. I love your ascerbic words that are truer than any fluffy gumf delivered elsewhere. X keep it coming.