Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The Garden Of My Heart...

(In memory of my beautiful husband, Michael...who, in the words of our song...'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol...really did 'show me a garden that's bursting into life')...

He is in the bloom of the flower he will never see

He is in the comforting shade of the bud that is now a tree

He is in the scent of the herbs grown from a seed

For all he is gone he is still with me.

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. Beautiful words for a beautiful man, Lynn...

  2. I found this blog through a Twitter search and the first thing I read was this comment about your husband. I don't even know you, but it made my heart ache. So sorry for your loss.

    1. Thank you, so much...Michael was a truly beautiful soul...

  3. And always will be. Xxx Running with Ralph. Xx