Sunday, 24 April 2016

Clicks An' Licks...

She pressed the phone against her ear

The noise was strange, not very clear

And so she pressed and pressed some more

But all remained as was before

A whispering, hissing, rasping sound

Crackled within a weird background

Of haunting tones of groans and moans

And grinding creaks as of old bones

And though she knew she should resist

She pressed some more and with a twist

She bent the venting phone much closer

But sure enough the gross got grosser

When suddenly a thing went click

And in her ear a something licked

Then down and deep and deeper still

A slimy, slithering, something drilled

And burrowed through the fatty matter

Of her craniums brainy batter

And as her eyes began to bulge

She pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled

But to her ear the phone was fixed

And onward went the viscous licks

'Till, flopping through the other side

The thing squelched on as her battery died.

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

E-Cig Junkies...

They're e-cig junkies

You can't mistake 'em

Cheeks sucked in

Dragging on the vapour

Knuckles white

Clutching at the stick

Savouring the flavour

Of the e-cig hit

They're e-cig junkies

No fags for them

No tobacco that'll knacker lungs

Or cave their arteries in

Just misty pockets

Of their exhaled plumes

Pouring their miasma

Over others in the room

They're e-cig junkies

And they don't give a shit

Restrictive signs don't phase 'em

They're too easy to outwit

With a wily pull 

And a surreptitious drag

Whilst pretending to themselves

They're really glad they quit the fags.

They're e-cig junkies

On a fume and fibre diet

Strawberry puffs of jam doughnuts

It's a perfume puffing riot!

But no complaining whilst they're Vaping 

That their scents make you feel sick

'Cos they'll poke you in the eye

With their therapeutic stick!

They're e-cig junkies

And they'll tell you that it's great

To feel the cleansing properties

Of all that they inhale

So they Vape with pride

Bad stuff expunged

But aren't they really swapping tar

For water on the lungs?

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Nobody But Me...

Your whoring women 

With their whorish ways 

Filling your nights and killing my days

Gambling our money and scrambling my brain.

Nobody suffers but me.

Your drinking binges

With your pissed up mates

All that's left of me and you are scratches on old plates

Your promises are empty and your sorrys are too late

Nobody suffers but me

Your constant lying

Bailiffs banging on the door

Your unconcerned compliance as they take a little more

Anyone can see there's nothing left worth fighting for

Nobody suffers but me

Your dirty deals

And your dirtier doings

You shouldn't have done what you've been doing

But you did and now we're ruined

Nobody suffers but me

Your pathetic pleas

And your angry shouts

Are falling on deaf ears 'cos love's over and it's out

A better life awaits me so I'm off to check it out

And nobody will suffer but you!

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard 

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Behind Closed Doors...

Our world exists

Behind closed doors

Where we hide from being judged

By the duplicity

Of yours

Yet even here we are not safe

From the preconceptions

And the prejudice.

You see, the world out there

Needs to get to know

The people whose lives

Are lived and lost

Behind closed doors

Instead of  branding and labelling

All it perceives 

To be a virulent strain

Of humanity

A mental illness is not a disease

It cannot be transmitted

Through a cough or through a sneeze

Ignorance is the germ to avoid

A contagious bug

Which must be destroyed

By injecting understanding

And paving the way

Towards saving us from stigma

By stripping us of shame.

© Copyright Lynn Gerrard 

Monday, 11 April 2016

The Short Of It....

They used to call us lunatics

But now that's not PC

And these days

You're underachieving

If you haven't got an OCD

I can't concentrate

On what my doctor says

'Cos apparently I've got ADHD

And my mind's just a mess

Of  unparallelled stress

Thanks to PTSD, so says he!

Weight's been a bit of a problem

Doc said that was all in my head

As he glared into my eyes

Said your BMI'S fine

Whilst I flushed at my HBP's strength!

And that's when it suddenly hit me

The cause of my problem was plain

After years of frustration

And personal damnation


Was really to blame!

© Copyright Lynn Gerrard 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Ask Me My Name...

I am the shivering shadow

Crumpled in the cold, damp doorway

Ask me my name

I am the weary shape seeking sanctuary

Struggling against stormy waters

Ask me my name

I am the tiny, bruised form

Cowering beneath soiled, sodden bed sheets

Ask me my name

I am the lonely, frail figure

Peering through the grimy window onto the busy street

Ask me my name

I am the hungry mouth, cracked beneath a blazing sun

Reaching for sustenance from an arid breast

Ask me my name

I am the broken sob

Echoing through the rubble of my war-torn land

Ask me my name

I am a statistic in a news report

Succumbed to the tragedy of your disregard

Too late, you ask my name.

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard