Thursday, 12 July 2018

Bad Day...

I'm having a bad day

But you'll never get to know it

My heart's too broken

And my head's too proud

To show it

I'm having a bad day

But I'll smile

And crack the funnies

I'd rather hide the pain inside

Than verbalise my worries

I'm having a bad day

If you ask

I'll say "I'm fine"

So don't persist in asking

You're just wasting

Precious time

I'm having a bad day

So my mask is brightly painted

Don't stare at me

Through curious eyes

With glances that will taint it

I'm having a bad day

Too scared to talk

Of how I feel

'Cos if I share my hurt out loud

That will make it real

Poem only ©  Copyright Lynn Gerrard

Monday, 9 July 2018


I am a song

Yet will never

Be heard

I am an airy brush of wing

Yet will never

Know flight

I am a hint of summer skies

Yet will never

Greet dawns blush

I am the contented coo

Of Motherhood

Yet will never

Nurture my own

I am the notion

Of all that could have been

Yet was not to be

Still, through this

I am.

Poem only Copyright Lynn Gerrard

The Humble Bumble...

Early this morning, contrary to my usual ritual, I sat in the garden awhile and enjoyed the light blush of morning sun as it tiptoed across my waking flesh.

With eyes closed, I let the earthy sounds of nature massage my rousing senses...the bird upon the branch calling to its young...the hypnotic rustle of a gentle breeze tripping from leaf to leaf...and I savoured the attention a host of humble, bumble bees chose to afford me as they hovered, en masse, ever closer, in curious flight, towards my resting form. 

What was it that had drawn these industrious & delicate angels towards me?

Was it that these beautiful & sensitive creatures were honing in on the residual echoes of my melancholia with a want to administer the healing properties of their soothing song perchance to comfort me?

Or...was it that they simply sensed a fellow creature, akin to themselves, desperately endeavouring to maintain a safe passage whilst journeying through the turbulent maelstrom that is existence thus prompting them to seek the solace of likewise company?

Or...was it that I'd liberally covered myself from head to toe in several thick layers of Lidl's own Luxury Strawberry Jam during my most recent episode of BatShitCrazy?

I guess I'll just never know.....*wistful sigh*... 

© Copyright Lynn Gerrard

Tuesday, 3 July 2018



One heart that is not broken

Two eyes that know no tears

One soul back with its soulmate

And the promise of many more years.

Poem only ©  Copyright Lynn Gerrard