Monday, 23 May 2016

In His Head...

He hides her in his head

Where she walks with brazen confidence


To the echo of my faltering footsteps.

He thinks I cannot see her there

He is mistaken

She is visible through every

Testing glance he casts my way.

Through every cautious smile

He squanders in my direction.

And through the spidery lie

Of his awkward caress.

He hides her in his head

Where she casually strolls

Through the mausoleum of his heart


The abandoned remains of lovers past.

He thinks I cannot hear her there

He is mistaken

I hear her through every

Desirous sigh his thoughts of her evoke

Through the brittle silence

My presence induces

And through the blistered lie

Of his excuses.

He hides her in his head

Where she calmly replaces

The frayed remnants of my existence

With the vibrant tapestry of her own.

He thinks I cannot feel her there

He is mistaken

I feel her through every

Quickening beat the mention of her name

Allows his heart.

Through the icy absence

Of his hand in mine

And through the splintered lie

Of his goodnight kiss.

I once lived in his head

Where I trusted and believed

The intensity of our love was flawless

And would forever bind us.

I was mistaken.

Poem only  © Copyright Lynn Gerrard 

Friday, 6 May 2016

The Undoing Of Can't...

Some days I just can't

So I don't.

I used to try and do

But the doing was

Always bullied

By the disparaging whisperings

Of can't.

Always tainted

By can't's mocking derision.

So, to hush the badgering torment of can't

I didn't.


Can't has its own tormentor


And the voice of could

Is getting louder

The voice of could

Is getting stronger

The voice of could

Is chipping away at can't

And one day

All that will be left

Of can't

Is can

And when that day comes

Don't will become do

And so I shall

Because I can!

© Copyright Lynn Gerrard