Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Past...

And as Church bells sang their praises

Paying homage to the birth

Of a new Christmas morn

She gathered no comfort

From their Merry peal

Each joyous toll but a death knell

Striking her heart with cruel reminders

Of those already deafened

To their jubilant pleas

©  Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. Yup. It ain't all it's kicked up to be by the merry media.

    1. Joy and sorrow juxtaposed - a reminder to us of those who aren't going to have a merry Christmas. My husband's dad died on Christmas Eve. Life isn't all merry or Walt Disney fun. But a little kindness can go a long way to less Christmas sadness...

  2. I'm most sorry to read about your husbands father...Yes, sadness abounds at this time of year, and whilst sadness exists beyond it and before it, the season makes the hurt more prevalent, I think. But you're quite right, a little bit of kindness can go a long way...((hugs)) xx