Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Gathering...

I had forgotten how you used to make me feel

Until the night I was reminded

In the Restaurant

After the meal, as we each sat around the table

Everyone laughing and joking 

Oblivious to my discomfort at your presence.

You were threatening to be as annoying as ever

We had shared enough time together for me to notice the signs

Quiet at first

Barely noticeable

Sly digs here and there

Building up the pressure

Your usual devious self

And the more drink consumed the harder you were to control.

Louder and louder you became

The classic party pain that everyone has had to endure at some point.

But why that special night?

Because that is when you are at your best, is it not?

When excitement for the occasion spreads its merry glow upon those gathering

And you strike! 

Relishing the vulnerability of the captive audience 

Unprepared for your assault.

Consuming all the joy and replacing it with your bloated arrogance

Always needing to take centre stage

Overshadowing everything with your vicious rumbling dialogue

A hideous embarrassment for those who suffer you.

You were not supposed to be there

Yet there you were

Tainting every morsel of pleasure

With your increasing demands to be heard.

I tried to shake you off without success

Until unable to bear the invasion of your tone any longer

I had no choice but to leave the celebrations and return home

Where alone, at last, I conceded to find melodious relief 

From the ever-expanding agony

That is you

Trapped Wind!

Poem only    © Copyright Lynn Gerrard 


  1. The perfect villain indeed! Or could it be the imperfect ex or in-law? Spot on. It happens to all of us now and again...

  2. I am in! A little scared I was reading this. I thought how does she know the ex husband. But when there was no follow through I realised it was just a foul bag of wind... hmmmm.
    Great as per usual Lynn