Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Grumbling Gargoyle...Introduction.

''In order to appreciate all that is good

We must first explore the dark and wanton side''.

Wise words...

(and not too detached from those uttered by Joanna Lumley to promote yoghurt some time ago...Before she went all Ghurka-esque!)

Regardless, this Gargoyle cares not for yoghurt ( ok, maybe just the chocolate one with the crunchy bits if I've had a bad day ). 

This Gargoyle wants to Wallow with the Wanton

Slither through the Sinister

Meander with the Macabre...

Then maybe stop for a quick pickle sandwich before carrying on.


There is no Glory in Good!

Good is a sanctuary sought by the weak and the shallow

Good is for fools and the faint hearted, for cowards and Cardinals

Good is but a veil worn to mask the Demon who dwells within

Good is a lie.

( look, I have to say things like that...I'm trying to create an image here for God's sake!...if you must know, at the minute, I'm nursing a pigeon called Stan back to health whilst he spends most of the night crapping on me...See! I'm not a complete bastard!)

As I was saying...

Light has no place within the darkened pages soon to follow...

Here we shall thrust ourselves into the orifice of Utopian imagery and embark upon a journey of sublime exploration....then we'll probably stop for a coffee and the Mother of all cream cakes...and then we'll carry on...

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