Tuesday, 31 July 2018

From Us To You...

Some people are born with an invisible straw permanently attached to their mouths...and throughout their lives, they use that straw to suck the life out of every undeserving person that suffers the heinous misfortune of coming into contact with them...BUT...

I am not writing this to rant about pernicious an' shallow folk such as those, 'cos I am certain that, one day, Karma will knock on their door and serve them the sh*t sandwich they have most definitely earned in life and their souls will forever bear the skid marks of that very meal.... 

I AM, however, writing this in praise of all the beautiful souls out there who make other people's days just that little bit more manageable simply by being thoughtful, caring and kind.

By offering an ear that doesn't just listen but actually hears.

By providing the sort of company that doesn't expect conversation but respects the healing qualities of silence.

By providing valuable help without making the other feel helpless.

By not pressing well-meaning but often unrealistic and untimely advice upon the other.

By knowing when to step back, without being offended, whilst quietly keeping watchful from the wings.

And simply by being there, wherever 'there' may be...when the other feels as if they themselves are nowhere at all.

Such folk as these are precious.

And throughout all the crazy stuff myself and Michael are experiencing at the moment, it's thanks to folks like this...that we are able to get through another day as seamlessly as is possible under the current circumstances.

So, thank you for the strength and support you provide us with...every one of you....from our AMAZING family....wonderful friends in the physical and the virtual world on here...right through to every single person in every capacity in the NHS who are working relentlessly to get my Michael back on his feet so me and 'im can carry on with our life's journey of 53 years plus together...

We are immeasurably grateful to each and every one of you.... 

© Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. And all I can say, much love to you both always, BIG HUGS! Love that karma s*it sandwiches served to them energy vampires. 🤗❤️

    1. Aww thank you, Zully! Much appreciated and definitely reciprocated xxx

  2. I am sensing a bit of a 'sea change' going on with you...
    but you still manage to hit the nails square on the head!
    Much love to you both!

    1. Thank you, Anita xx....just another facet of my mind...reacting to events, people and the ever evolving presence of the crazy lol ...much love to you from me an' 'im xx